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Overnight Tarot Training

Tarot is a powerful psychological tool for changing lives and reprogramming yourself. Learn and use the real secrets of Tarot virtually overnight.

To read more about Kenton's Tarot Meditation method of reading, click HERE.

  • Kenton's Tarot System Level 1

    Kenton's Tarot System Level 1

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Do real Tarot readings overnight, for yourself or others.
    • Use Tarot cards to help reprogram yourself or others.
    • Use Tarot readings to make friends, contacts, or start your own business.
    • Do real Tarot style readings with normal playing cards too. This system does it all.
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  • Kenton's Tarot System Level 2

    Kenton's Tarot System Level 2

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • LISTEN to real life Tarot readings from live audio recordings.
    • HEAR how to use the Overnight Tarot system easily.
    • Read the Overnight Tarot Level 2 Training Manual.
    • Learn how to do both surface and deeper Tarot spread readings.
    • Get the Tarot Reprogramming Audio to use for yourself and others.
    • Learn the Five Scent readings, hear how it is done, and then do it yourself.
    • Complete with a Five Scent handout chart.
    • BONUS: Free Upgrade to the inner level of the Secret Correlations of Tarot.
    • You must have Overnight Tarot 1 before you can access this material.
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